I will use the skills and experience I have developed to give you the best possible representation.


Upon hiring my firm, expect to work closely with me throughout every stage of your case. Unlike some law firms, you will have access to directly communicating and working with the attorney you hired. I have organized my firm to keep my case load light so that I can give each client the attention they deserve. As a result, you will receive competent, individualized representation. Every case is important to me, and I pride myself on getting the best possible outcomes for my clients.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a criminal offense, contact me as soon as possible. I will take a personal interest in your case, and I will ensure that you receive the respect and representation that you deserve.


Areas of Expertise

Felonies & Misdemeanors

At Courtney Dowling Law, you will benefit from my extensive experience representing clients with both misdemeanor and felony charges. No matter what level of offense you are charged with, I will work hard to understand your goals and work toward obtaining the results you desire.



  • Experience handling all levels of misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Proven results in both plea negotiations and trial

Driving While Intoxicated

When charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), you want an attorney who is well-versed in DWI law. As your attorney, I am dedicated to making sure you understand all of your options when it comes to DWI. Not only have I represented hundreds of clients charged with DWI, but I also have experience trying DWI cases both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. This two-pronged experience ensures that you will know all of your options and obtain superb legal representation throughout the entirety of your case.



  • Advanced training in representing clients charged with DWI
  • Achieved a long list of positive results for DWI clients including charge reductions, dismissals, and not-guilty verdicts

If you are charged with Public Intoxication, you will want to make sure that this offense does not result in a conviction on your record. Although Public Intoxication is a Class C Misdemeanor (the lowest level of offense in the State of Texas), the intoxication nature of this charge rightfully causes many people concern. For this reason, I take an aggressive approach to representing those charged with Public Intoxication.



  • Extensive experience in handling Public Intoxication charges 
  • Experience representing both adults and minors charged with Public Intoxication

Public Intoxication

The Texas Penal Code has an entire section dedicated to Crimes Against Property. If you have been charged with Burglary or Theft, the severity of this offense will depend largely upon the facts of your case. In representing a client charged with one of these offenses, you can be sure that I will do all of the investigation necessary to give a clear and honest evaluation of the case. As with all of my clients, I will ensure that you understand your options and will help you formulate a thorough defense.



  • Experience handling both misdemeanor and felony Theft cases
  • Successful outcomes achieved where value of property allegedly stolen exceeds hundreds of thousands of dollars

Burglary & Theft

In representing those charged with Assault, I have found that there is usually more to the story than what appears in a police report. Upon hiring my firm to handle your Assault charge, I will take the time to understand your side of the story. I will work to ensure that your rights are protected and that your voice is heard.



  • Years of experience handling both misdemeanor and felony Assault cases
  • Cases involving dating relationships, spouses, children, acquaintances, and more


A conviction for Sexual Assault can be damaging to both your reputation and your future. For this reason, Sexual Assault charges should be handled by someone who will provide a strong and smart legal defense. At Courtney Dowling Law, you will benefit from my years of experience handling all types of Sexual Assault cases.



  • Evaluated Sexual Assault cases from both a prosecution and defense standpoint
  • Experience handling cases involving prostitution, indecency with a child, child pornography, sexual assault of a child, sexual assault, statutory rape, and more

Sexual Assault

If you are facing drug charges, you will need experienced legal representation. Whether your charge involves possession of a small amount of marijuana or participating in a large-scale drug conspiracy, I have the experience you need to handle your case. I will make sure that you understand your rights under the law so that you have knowledge that could help avoid a conviction or other severe penalties.



  • Experience handling both state and federal drug charges
  • Success in avoiding convictions and obtaining dismissals and reductions of charges

Drug Crimes